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Your Sales Pitch Sucks!

How to Pitch B2B

How to Pitch an Angel

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What’s the Point?

Do you close enough deals? Do you want more clients or investors to say yes? It’s really simple. If your pitch sucks, you will not get picked. Blue Lobster® is a boutique consultancy specialized in helping entrepreneurs create better presentations. Pitching clients or pitching investors. Through a 3-step process we show you how to create and deliver a presentation that gets attention. Clear, concise and compelling. That’s it.
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Why Blue Lobster?

Be different! If your pitch presentation looks, sounds and smells like everyone else, nobody will notice. Only 1 in 2 million lobsters is blue due to a genetic mutation. So in short, a Blue Lobster really stands out. It gets noticed. We work with you to create a pitch that’s focused on how you are relevant and bring value. It will help you stand out and connect with the audience.
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It starts with a script that is focused on the potential client or investor. Why are you relevant? What value do you bring? We provide you with a structure to create the best script.
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We take your script and turn it into a presentation that will make the audience take notice. We use colors, fonts and images to enhance your message.
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With a great script and a cool deck, the actual delivery of the presentation is critical. We provide support by coaching you on your delivery style.
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The Blue Lobster team has huge experience in sales pitching. Their help was incredibly valuable in improving our customer pitch and showing the right value proposition.
Tommaso Tamburnotti, Founder, Easyship
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Blue Lobster strikes the rare balance between understanding what a large corporation needs to see in a pitch and the flexibility of working with entrepreneurs.
David Rosa, CEO, Variably
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The Blue Lobster team was a delight to work with from day one. They are timely, responsive and keep things moving quickly. I can’t wait to start using the deck with investors. It tells an elegant story.
Greg Westerbeck, CEO, DocView